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Analytic Risk Solutions (ARS) specializes in the identification and mitigation of location-specific risk to, and the development of business continuity and disaster recovery programs for, commercial real estate and critical infrastructure assets. ARS leverages state-of-the-art risk assessment methodologies in combination with in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate and critical infrastructure operations to provide investors, developers, owners and operators a comprehensive understanding of the risk environment as it relates to their assets. ARS enables them to make sound, fact-based infrastructure acquisition and operations decisions founded on a rich understanding of the nature and degree of risk that they are assuming. 

ARS employs all-hazards risk assessment methodologies to identify and characterize those natural-hazard, human-factors and proximity risks that could compromise the operational viability of real estate assets and critical infrastructure. Once the asset's risk exposure has been characterized, we work with the client to identify and implement risk mitigation strategies to reduce risk to acceptable levels. 

Natural-hazard risk encompasses all types of natural disasters that conceivably could impact an asset, from earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis to hurricanes, floods, extreme draught, wildfire and more. Human-factors risks include crime, civil or political unrest, terrorism and insider threats. Proximity risk encompasses all problematic infrastructure whose location relative to the asset could adversely impact its operational viability were an incident to occur.

In a world where terrorism and political volatility have become the norm, where changes in global climate patterns are resulting in more severe localized weather phenomena and where the prospect of rising sea levels calls into question the long-term viability of many of the world's most intensely developed and economically vital areas, infrastructure owners and operators, now more than ever, must be cognizant of the full degree of risk that they are assuming through the assets that they own or operate. 

Analytic Risk Solutions can provide owners and operators of commercial real estate and critical infrastructure assets the knowledge and situational awareness that they need to navigate this new and challenging terrain.

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