Red-Team Testing and Evaluation

For especially at-risk assets, the best way to validate the efficacy of a security program is to conduct a red-team exercise simulating an actual attempt to thwart existing security measures using the same methods of operation (MO) that a potential adversary would. In collaboration with our partners, Analytic Risk Solutions can marshal a team of recently retired intelligence and special operations personnel to evaluate your asset’s security vulnerabilities, plan an operation to exploit those vulnerabilities and then test your security measures by conducting a simulated operation against it.  For especially at-risk assets, red-team testing is the single best way to ascertain how your security program will perform when confronted with an actual threat from a determined adversary.

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Assessing and mitigating risk is a complex task. Risk is dynamic and an almost infinite number of variables interact to create any given risk scenario. There are no simple formulas that can be applied across the board since each risk scenario is unique.
Given that each risk scenario is unique and that templated solutions rarely fit a given requirement, we will be happy to confidentially discuss your situation with you and advise how we may be able to assist.