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Organizational, Property and Portfolio Business Continuity Plan Development

Commercial real estate properties and critical infrastructure assets are far more than just physical structures. They are mission-critical components of the entities that own or occupy them and may be essential elements of our national economy depending on the functions carried out in them. While once it was sufficient for an owner or operator merely to comply with local fire and health/life safety code requirements, today’s marketplace holds them to a much higher standard to ensure that the functionality that their tenants have contracted for and depend on for their commercial or organizational survival remains available to them regardless of all but the most catastrophic of circumstances.


Business continuity is not a check-list exercise. It is an interactive process that assesses and documents the unique organic structure and operations of an organization to identify all mission-critical functions that are essential to its survival, all stakeholders who depend on each function, all dependencies upon which each function relies and the essential personnel and resources responsible for each.


Analytic Risk Solutions brings in-depth knowledge of operational risk management to the table to assist companies assess their mission-critical functions and to develop functionally-based business continuity plans that ensure the highest level of resilience in their operations. Whether it is for a single property, a portfolio or for an entire company or organization, ARS can manage the business continuity plan development process to ensure that you and those who depend on your services remain operational in even the most exigent of circumstances. 

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